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About the DVDs

Elle: cardio body

Elle cardio body

Get two high-intensity core-based workouts, each 25 minutes long.buy now only $19.95 Celebrity trainer Jade Alexis shows you how to improve your level of fitness, lose inches, lose weight, tone your arms and legs and give you a strong, healthy, fit body!

The workouts can be done separately or together for a 50 minute cardio blast!

Elle: Cardio Body Workout 1

  • A 25 minute full body endurance-based workout
  • Core based, full-body, full motion exercises
  • Brings the heart rate up while working the muscles of the entire body

Elle: Cardio Body Workout 2

  • A 25 minute routine that kicks it up a notch by adding agility movements and dynamic intervals that keep your heart rate and energy level high
  • Break a sweat, get your heart rate up, improve the level of fitness, slim your waistline, tone your arms, tone the legs.

Both workouts have been designed to work separately or together – and when you choose the 50 minute Power Option, you’ll see tremendous results!

bonus extras

Go Behind the Scenes with Brooklyn Decker, fashion’s newest It Girl. See how Joe Zee and the editors of ELLE create an editorial photo shoot in this exclusive video and get insider beauty secrets from ELLE’s celebrity makeup and hair experts Jeannia Robinette and Tommy Buckett.

Elle: beauty sculpt

Elle beauty sculpt

Sculpt your way to a killer body with Reebok Global Fitness Instructor Sara Haley! Designed to firm up and sculpt for dramatic fitness results that make you look and feel great, get ready to re-awaken muscles, re-align the spine, get perfect posture and sculpt your body to perfection.

buy now only $19.95

Elle: Beauty Sculpt Workout 1

  • 20-minute workout with dynamic, interval based full-body moves
  • Incorporates balance and posture in order to firm and sculpt
  • A quick, efficient kick-start to the day, Body Sculpt can be done just about anywhere!

Elle: Beauty Sculpt Workout 2

  • 20-minute workout featuring ab work, speed moves, and intervals that make your beautiful body even better
  • Beginning with lower intensity exercises, and gradually intensifying for a fun, firming workout
  • The more often you work out, the faster you’ll see dramatic results

bonus extras

Pack like a supermodel: ELLE Creative Director Joe Zee and Beauty/Fitness Director Emily Dougherty’s ultimate carry-on fashion and beauty essentials. Plus, 1-minute workouts you can do anywhere.

Elle: workout yoga

Elle workout yoga

Workout Yoga, featuring celebrated instructor Tara Stiles, has two dynamic yoga workouts created to both lengthen, stretch and tone your body. You’ll be left with a lean, toned, and sexy body that you’ll feel great in and be excited to show off.

buy now only $19.95

bonus extras

Shop your closet with ELLE’s Creative Director Joe Zee and get a whole new wardrobe without buying a thing. Plus, join Brooklyn Decker and ELLE’s Beauty/Fitness Director Emily Dougherty to discover 5 beauty super foods that will get you glowing.